Play for babies and toddlers to form stimulus intelligence function and grow flowers. Based on the results of recent studies, toddlers and Indonesia have fewer stimulus through an educational game for children to be more creative and intelligent.

Prof. Ali Khomsan Research, Professor of the Department of Public Nutrition Faculty of Human Ecology, Bogor Agricultural University in the nine provinces in Indonesia finds parents give stimulus awareness game is still lacking.

Some areas in East Java for example Banyuwangi, Madiun, Blitar, Pasuruan, Jember and most parents (95 percent) rarely give toys to their children. “Only one to 16 percent of mothers who provide educational toys to their kids,” he said in a Press Conference Dancow, “Let’s Go Posyandu” at Hotel Grand Hyatt Jakarta.

Meanwhile, Child Psychologist and Play Therapist Dra Mayke S Tedjasaputra say, play is one gauge of the three signs of child development, namely growth, and Active Response (TAT). Besides nutrition, play affect child growth. Playing develop fine and gross motor aspects of the child. Educational games such as knowing colors, shapes and so forth.

“Play is children’s rights are as important as education. Play will involve interaction and stimulate the child’s mindset and to train their emotional intelligence.”

Various games are adjusted for age divided into three, namely toys that make up gross motor and courage, fine motor, and cognitive child. “Parents should be sensitive and to build a two-way interaction during the play,” Mayke revealed.