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Tokyo – Sony has launched two new models of Blu-ray rewritable drives the internal drive, the BD-5300S and external drives, BDX-S500U.

Both drives support the latest Blu-ray format, including Blu-ray 3D or BDXL format, which is the format choice of the latest 3D movies.

Sony Blu-ray BD-5300S internal drive has a SATA interface and fits in any 5.25-inch bay size on your PC cabinet.

This drive can write to the media single layer BD-R media up to 12x and dual layer BD-R up to 8x, so theoretically capable of recording a full 25GB disc in about 10 minutes. Continue reading

Outside of the Nexus One (and recently-launched Nexus S, of course), T-Mobile’s G2 is about as close as one can get to stock build of Android. ‘Course, it’s now a point release behind Gingerbread, but we’re hoping that’ll be remedied in short order. Outside of that, we’re curious to know how you’d change the slip-sliding Android phone if given the schematics and the ability to start over from scratch. By and large, we felt that HTC nailed the design, but of course, everyone’s capable of seeing things in a slightly different light. What would you tweak about the G2 if given the choice? Change up the keyboard? Offer it on AT&T or a CDMA carrier? Throw in a row of LEDs along the left edge, just for kicks? All (reasonable) ideas are welcome in comments below — you never know who’ll be tuning in. Continue reading